The “Photos” Application in Windows Now Uses AI to Remove Superfluous Objects from Photos.

Microsoft is continuing to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its Windows operating system, this time by adding the Generative Erase tool which can remove unwanted objects from images inside its Photo application.

Enhancing the Spot Fix Tool with AI

The Photo application has long offered the Spot Fix tool, allowing users to eliminate objects from images. According to Microsoft, the AI-based object removal function is an extension of the Spot Fix tool. The tech giant suggests that the feature delivers “more cohesive and realistic” areas in images, even when large objects are removed.

Microsoft Joins Google and Samsung in Offering Similar Tools

Google and Samsung have already incorporated similar tools into their smartphones.The version of AI rubber from Microsoft now provides high quality object removal from computer-based photos. To use it, simply launch the editor in the “Photos” application and select the “Erase” option. All that remains is to highlight the area to be removed and initiate the process. The feature includes settings for the thickness of the object selection tool, offering more refined object selection in photos. An option for simultaneous removal of multiple objects is also included.

Generative Erase in Preview Phase

At present, the Generative Erase function is available to a limited number of participants in the Microsoft preview program who are using beta versions of the “Photos” application on Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers. It is not yet known when the feature will become widely available.

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