Microsoft has added the ability to create 7z and tar archives in Windows 11.

Windows 11 to Introduce Support for Creating 7zip and Tar Archives

Microsoft’s Windows 11 is extending its system support from last year to include creation of 7zip and tar archives. Previously, the software giant had only enabled the unpacking of such files without the need for third-party applications. The advent of native system support for creating these archive types has been on hold, requiring external archiving software.

This status quo is, however, about to change in the near future. Microsoft has begun testing features for creating 7zip and tar archives within its Windows Insider early access program. Its official release is not yet specified and largely depends on successful completion of the testing phase.

“We have added support for creating archives in 7ZIP and TAR, in addition to ZIP, via the context menu in the Explorer. We have also added a new compression wizard permitting you to select more formats and specify more details. You can condense individual files using GZIP/BZIP2 (and others), or bundle multiple files in TAR archives with varying compression parameters. Additionally, you can tweak the compression level and types of data stored in each archive,” Microsoft explained in a statement.

Emojis in Windows 11

Apart from supporting 7zip and tar archive creation, Windows 11 is set to introduce new emojis and enhanced options for their integration. Concurrently, stability improvements for the software platform have been integrated into the update, reinforcing its efficient performance.

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