Microsoft Strongly Recommends Google Chrome Users to Try Bing

In efforts to woo users, Microsoft is activating pop-up ads featuring a suggestion to try Bing, on Google Chrome for the Windows operating system. The software giant confirmed to Windows Latest that this is a one-time offer to set Bing as a default search engine. Microsoft is also promoting this initiative by offering free access to ChatGPT-4 features through Bing.

Microsoft clarified their stance on this campaign when Windows Latest reached out to them. They responded, “This is a one-time offer to choose Bing as your default search engine for Google Chrome. We strive to give customers a choice, so you can always decline.”

Pop-up inviation to try Bing, source:

If users agree to the offer, this will not only set Bing as their default search engine but also install the Bing Search extension for Chrome. However, Google provides a safety net by offering the option to undo changes after the extension is installed. Interestingly, in a bid to dissuade users from this step, Microsoft would display a pop-up stating:

“This action will disable Microsoft Bing Search for Chrome, and you will lose access to Bing AI with GPT-4 and DALL-E 3”.

Microsoft urges not to disable Bing Search
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