Moza Revealed How WhatsApp Will Encrypt Chats with Third-Party Messengers

Meta to Enable End-to-End Encryption for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with Third-Party Services

Following new European internet legislation, Meta has announced plans for its instant messaging platforms, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, to ensure end-to-end encryption during communication with third-party services.

Compliance with The Digital Markets Act (DMA)

The “Digital Markets Act” (DMA) mandates that Meta “be ready to ensure interaction with other services within three months from the moment of receiving a request”. The company, however, clarified that the actual integration with a third-party platform for public usage might take longer. The new rules require support for private chats, including the exchange of files like images, videos, and voice messages, during the first year. Later, group chats and calls will be added to the supported functions.

Collaboration with Third-Party Messengers

Third-party messenger administrators will need to enter into an agreement with Meta for collaboration with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. After this, the implementation work will commence. Meta encourages other platforms to use the Signal encryption protocol, though it’s open to considering other options if they meet the same security standards. Regardless of whether or not a partner utilizes the Signal protocol, Meta promises to provide end-to-end encryption. However, it cannot ensure that its partners will equally guarantee secure communication for users.

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