Mozilla Firefox Browser Introduces AI Video Scaling Support for Nvidia RTX Video

Nvidia RTX Video Scaling Technology Now Available in Mozilla Firefox

The video scaling technology, Nvidia RTX Video, has now been incorporated into Mozilla Firefox. This technology leverages the power of Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards and specialized AI algorithms to enhance video stream quality, in a similar vein to how the DLSS technology functions in games.

Benefits of Nvidia RTX Video

One group who stand to benefit from the Nvidia RTX Video are users of premium streaming services. The technology can upgrade the video image resolution without requiring the user to pay for higher quality streams. The RTX Video algorithms also eliminate compression artifacts, enhance sharpness, and improve color brightness when using HDR mode.

AI image quality enhancement

Compatibility of Nvidia RTX Video

Previously, the Nvidia RTX Video technology was only available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Now, it’s accessible for Mozilla Firefox users as well. It’s also worth noting that VLC Media Player supports Nvidia RTX Video.

AI-assisted SDR to HDR Conversion

RTX Video HDR technology uses AI algorithms to automatically convert SDR content into a High Dynamic Range (HDR). But, for optimal functionality, it’s recommended to have a monitor certified with VESA DisplayHDR 600 or higher.

Nvidia RTX Video and Firefox Compatibility

According to Nvidia, the RTX Video technology is supported by Firefox version 126 and newer. To utilize RTX Video in Firefox, the following steps should be performed:

  • Install the latest versions of GeForce RTX Game Ready Driver, Nvidia Studio, or Nvidia RTX Enterprise;
  • Ensure that the HDR mode is enabled in Windows (System → Display → HDR);
  • Open the Nvidia control panel and navigate to “Adjust image settings with preview”;
  • In the “RTX video enhancement” section, enable Super Resolution and High Dynamic Range.
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