Mozilla Firefox to Get Vertical Tabs, Tab Groups and Other Significant Improvements

Mozilla Firefox, often dubbed as the “last independent browser”, is set to receive a series of important updates this year, following persistent user requests. New features that enhance functionality, performance, and privacy are on the docket.

Tab Grouping

One significant addition is the introduction of in-built tab grouping feature – a request that has been made by Firefox users for many years. This new feature allows users to organize related tabs into folders, vastly simplifying navigation when multiple pages are open.

Vertical Tabs

Another much-anticipated enhancement involves the addition of vertical tabs to the left of the main window. This feature revolutionizes the conventional horizontal layout and potentially makes tab-switching more convenient. The standard side panel used for viewing bookmarks, history, and downloads will also undergo modernization.

New Profile System

Firefox is also integrating a new profile system to aptly separate personal and work data. Users will be able to create multiple profiles designated for different purposes, and easily switch between them.


Along with these functional updates, Mozilla isn’t turning a blind eye to aesthetics. Soon, users will have the option to personalize the background of new tabs with photos, plain color, or abstract images. This feature certainly elevates user experience by allowing for interface customization.

All these updates collectively aim to improve the speed, safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal of the Firefox browser.

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