MSI Plans to Equip Desktop PCs with Laptop Memory Modules CAMM2

MSI, a leading hardware manufacturer, is planning to roll out a new line of motherboards called Project Zero with back-sided connectors. The design maneuver aims to conceal the majority of power cords, thus ensuring a cleaner appearance. As it looks, the developments for this series do not end there. MSI is also investigating the potential of equipping the Project Zero motherboards with CAMM2 memory modules, initially designed for laptops.

Originating from Dell, the proprietary CAMM2 and LPCAMM2 memory modules were first crafted for use in slim and lightweight laptops. Their primary advantages over standard modules like SO-DIMM and U-DIMM are compactness, plus higher memory density and speed, all while maintaining modularity (i.e., upgradability). The market is already witnessing the launch of laptops equipped with energy-efficient LPCAMM2 memory modules incorporating LPDDR5X memory technology.

MSI Memory Module Concept

In an innovative move, MSI is considering the use of CAMM2 modules with desktop motherboards, potentially even transitioning to energy-efficient LPCAMM2 modules in the future. To actualize this idea, MSI has proposed collaboration with Kingston Technology, a forefront company that’s developing a new line of Fury Impact CAMM2 RAM modules. While further details remain under wraps, modules nearly of all capacities (32, 48, 64, and 96 GB) are being considered, with support for most prevailing DDR5 memory standards, ranging from DDR5-6000 to DDR5-8000.

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