MSI Unveils Fast SSD with Massive Hybrid Storage Capacity

At CES 2024, MSI demonstrated its upcoming solid-state drive, the Spatium M580 Frozr Liquid, featuring a distinctive hybrid cooling system combining both air and liquid mechanisms for enhanced heat dissipation. This SSD design has resulted in an unusually large device.

An Uncompromising Cooling System

The compactness of the Spatium M580 Frozr Liquid’s NVMe SSD cooler is far from typical. It comprises a radiator, a heat pump, heat pipes, and a thick contact pad that attaches to the SSD. Essentially, it’s an SSD fastened to a substantially-sized cooler.

NVMe SSD cooler

Hybrid Cooling Technique

The design incorporates a small fan to cool the liquid coursing through the closed loop of heat pipes between the radiator and the contact pad. This ensures both air and liquid cooling functionality, hence the hybrid nature of the cooling system.

Hybrid cooling mechanism
SSD cooling mechanism

While MSI has not specifically commented on the efficiency of this cooling system, it is speculated to surpass conventional designs favoring a single radiator or a radiator complemented by a fan.

MSI SSD components

Spatium M580 Frozr Liquid SSD Characteristics

On the performance front, the Spatium M580 Frozr Liquid SSD by MSI is promising with sequential read-write speeds peaking at 14,000 and 12,000 MB/s respectively. MSI incorporated an updated Phison E26 controller into the SSD, optimized for high-speed NAND flash memory chips.

While MSI plans to launch the Spatium M580 Frozr Liquid in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB variants, the company remains tight-lipped about the pricing and availability of the device.

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