MTS launches open beta testing for MTS Verse metaverse

Russian mobile network operator, MTS has officially commenced the open beta-testing of its new metaverse – MTS Verse. The 3D gaming landscape is designed to foster interactions with digital products, belonging to the MTS ecosystem. Gamers have the capacity to earn special coins within the platform, which can subsequently be exchanged for virtual goods as well as MTS-branded products and services.

MTS notes that the platform is accessible via both computers and smartphones. MTS Verse can be explored in-browser allowing users to utilize MTS services regardless of the carrier network they subscribe to. Furthermore, MTS Verse also provides video support for any technical issues that may arise.

Upon launch, MTS Verse will feature six distinct locations:

  • The Lobby acts as a starting point from which users can navigate to various available spaces. It also houses a mining terminal where users can generate coins.
  • The Cinema where users can watch KION Originals movies and series and also subscribe to the service.
  • The Library gives users access to the Строки service catalogue where they can test their knowledge to win in-game boost bonuses at a designated terminal.
  • The Stage where performances by MTS Label artists can be watched. Future events such as virtual concerts, DJ sets, music festivals, among others are planned to take place on this stage. The MTS Live schedule can be viewed here, with options to buy tickets to real-life concerts.
  • The gaming site Marathon comes with an obstacle course. Successful completion earns the player game currency or a ‘Boost’ at a terminal.
  • The Bank serves as a virtual storage space to acquaint users with MTS’ financial services, manage their digital wallet balance, and withdraw earned coins at an interest of 30% per annum.[/embed>

The MTS Verse digital universe is now open for beta-testing. The ecosystem employs a novel approach and will assess players’ interest in the various available locations, mechanics, and the virtual environment as a whole.

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