Netflix and Mojang announce animated series based on Minecraft – first teaser released.

Following the success of the first season of the Fallout series, another famous Microsoft gaming franchise is set to have a television adaptation soon. The iconic block-centric sandbox game by Mojang Studios, Minecraft, will come to life on the small screen.

Netflix, the streaming giant, unexpectedly announced a collaboration with Mojang Studios for a Minecraft animated series. The announcement was highlighted with a 20-second teaser video.

Details about the show are sparse at present. However, it is revealed that the Minecraft animated series will introduce new characters and portray the block universe in a different light.

Canadian studio WildBrain, known for Sonic Prime and Ninjago: Dragons Rising, is responsible for developing the Minecraft animated series. The series’ release date remains undisclosed, however, fans are assured that the wait will not be long.

Minecraft made its debut in May 2009 on PCs. Since then, the sandbox game has been successful in reaching modern platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles, iOS and Android, also achieving an impressive milestone of 300 million copies sold.

The announcement of the Netflix Minecraft animated series took place amid celebrations marking the 15th anniversary of the original game release. The milestone has its own dedicated section on the official game website featuring themed news and more.

The animated series isn’t the only adaptation of Minecraft in the works. A feature film starring Jack Black and Jason Momoa is also in production, with a scheduled release date on April 4, 2025.

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