New Caterpillar-Tracked Computer Workstation with Twin Gatling Guns and Adjustable Chair Configuration Unveiled

Cluvens has introduced an unconventional computer workstation that resembles a “battle station” on caterpillar tracks, named the J20 Gatling. This quirky design mirrors the look of a future war bot, an armored and weaponized machine manned by a human. While the aesthetics may be amusing, the designers have focused on optimizing workstation ergonomics that can significantly enhance the operator’s productivity.

The station’s top, which holds a bracket for three monitors, lifts to allow the operator to sit inside. However, it’s noteworthy that the workstation is not self-propelled and needs manual push. The caterpillar base though ensures stability on any surface, even at a significant incline.

Cluvens computerized workstation

Room accommodation for the Cluvens J20 Gatling model should ideally have high ceilings, as the workstation with a lifted top reaches a height of 2.2 meters. Three 29-inch monitors or a single 49-inch Samsung monitor can be fitted in front of the operator. The wider screen cover, according to the workstation’s designer, significantly enhances work efficiency. Studies support this claim, citing that an additional monitor at an employee’s desk can instantly increase productivity by up to 50%.

Workstation in Cluvens design

Furthermore, the Cluvens J20 Gatling workstation offers “zero gravity” for its operator. It allows various working positions—sitting, semi-sitting, lying down—for hands, legs, and spine, which helps minimize the workload on human muscles, not evolutionarily designed for chair sitting. This ergonomic feature enhances work capacity and, more importantly, benefits the operator’s health.

To conclude, the base model of the Cluvens J20 Gatling workstation is priced at $4200 in the United States. Cluvens also offers less exotic ergonomic workstation options, but that’s a different tale to tell.

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