New Mobeo Enterprise Mobile Office Outsource Suite

TeleCommunication Systems, a global leader in mission critical wireless data, today announced it is expanding its enterprise mobile office offerings under the name Mobeo(TM). Mobeo customers can conveniently source Blackberry(R) service and manage usage over new data-and-voice CDMA networks or lower cost data only networks. Palm Treo(TM) and Pocket PC devices are also available and supported. Customers may also bundle special purpose software applications provisioned on the devices and use customized billing reports to manage costs. This eliminates the complexity, inefficiency and frustration of dealing with multiple vendors.

TCS is the first Business Mobile Virtual Network Operator. TCS’ BMVNO approach will be unique in its ability to meet the specialized needs of the mobile enterprise because its Mobeo portfolio spans multiple network providers, devices, applications, and services. Enterprise Mobeo customers can streamline their process for evaluating, purchasing, implementing, training, supporting, paying for, and maintaining robust mobile solutions.

Key components of the Mobeo portfolio include:

— Multi-Carrier, Device-Agnostic Voice & Data Choices – TCS serves as a conduit for access to multiple major carriers and network choices for both voice and data service through agreements that TCS has developed with various providers. These voice and data services are designed to be device agnostic, meaning that the voice/data delivery and management are supported on any devices that are approved by the wireless carriers for use on their networks, including BlackBerry(R), Palm Treo(TM), and Pocket PC devices. — Highly Flexible, Carrier-Grade Billing System – The Mobeo portfolio is supported by a new, state-of-the-art, highly flexible billing system. Reporting options include aggregated billing across carriers and applications, wireless bill optimization, pooled minutes, and “split billing” – the ability to separate component service invoices among the enterprise, its departments and divisions, and its employees. Electronic bill presentment and web self-care are also offered to increase billing management efficiencies. — Experienced Help Desk Service & Support – Mobeo customers can access the same experienced TCS team that has supported tens of thousands of wireless data device users for as long as 5 years, making it one of the most experienced specialist teams in the industry. Premium services such as dedicated client 800 numbers, customized training, and 24/7 support are also available. TCS’ call center can function as an extension of a customer’s IT help desk. TCS will continue to enhance the Mobeo portfolio on an ongoing basis by adding new services and partners to best meet the needs of the enterprise. TCS’ marketStream(TM) product is a prime example of such portfolio offerings. “TCS remains a leader in the BlackBerry revolution that has transformed enterprises’ mobile communications,” stated Gregg Smith, Senior Vice President for the Enterprise Division of TCS. “Now TCS is proud to be the first to offer our unique BMVNO service for the enterprise with a complete portfolio of mobile office technologies and services. We believe the comprehensive nature of the Mobeo offering, coupled with our adaptable billing system and outstanding customer service makes TCS the optimal choice for enterprise mobile solutions.”


TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (NASDAQ:TSYS) is a leading provider of mission critical wireless data solutions to carriers, enterprise and government customers. TCS’ wireless data offerings include location-based Enhanced 9-1-1 services, and messaging and location service infrastructure for wireless operators, real-time market data and alerts to financial institutions, mobile asset management and mobile office solutions for enterprises, and encrypted satellite communications to government customers.

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