Next-Generation Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

AirMagnet, the leader in wireless LAN (WLAN) security and performance solutions, introduced the fifth generation of its award-winning product line with a new name to reflect its rapid adoption by enterprises. AirMagnet Enterprise, formerly known as AirMagnet Distributed, has shipped to more than 200 customers in its first year. AirMagnet makes Wi-Fi safe for a corporation’s entire global network with distributed security and performance management. AirMagnet Enterprise provides the industry’s most comprehensive intrusion detection and response, including location-based rogue tracing, and identifies over 120 security and performance threats. This enterprise-class solution also offers policy templates that ease compliance with government regulations and an infrastructure-agnostic approach supporting multi-vendor wireless networks.

“AirMagnet is extending their already robust and industry-leading wireless-LAN tool set with an essential security element,” said Craig Mathias, a Principal with the wireless advisory firm Farpoint Group (Ashland, MA). “Since security is one area where network managers are never ‘done’, a comprehensive intrusion monitoring and control capability needs to be integral to every WLAN installation regardless of industry or application.”

AirMagnet has seen rapid adoption of its security and performance solutions in industry segments where wireless connectivity has become an essential part of getting business done. For instance, retail and manufacturing customers are adopting Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to streamline distribution methods and assembly lines. A US grocery chain with over 1,800 stores, Japan’s largest automotive manufacturer, and one of the world’s largest retailers of video and music have all turned to AirMagnet to ensure that their wireless networks experience zero downtime, which could result in the loss of inventory and millions of dollars in revenue.

Alex Kunz is using AirMagnet Enterprise for two such applications. As the network architect for a Fortune 500 energy utility company, Alex deployed AirMagnet Enterprise to manage and secure a company-wide wireless LAN across 38 office and warehouse sites. As chief technology officer for upscale fashion design company Nicholas K., Alex is planning to install an RFID system to track inventory and will rely on AirMagnet Enterprise to monitor this critical wireless network. The company is tasked with meeting orders from over 50 of the most reputable women’s specialty boutiques in the United States and abroad, including Fred Segal and Tracey Ross.

Every network manager I work with raves about this product, said Kunz. The new features in version 5.0”especially wired side blocking, the dedicated rogue interface and triangulation”are all high-value additions that users have been asking for. Most organizations develop security and performance response policies that are limited by their wireless LAN management solution. I develop security policies as best practices, without considering what a wireless LAN management solution can or cannot do. I am amazed to find that AirMagnet Enterprise gives me the ability to respond to any violation I identify. This is by far the best, most comprehensive solution in its category.

SmartEdge Architecture

CTOs and CIOs who already manage wired networks seldom get the extra budget and staffing they need to also manage new wireless networks. AirMagnet’s SmartEdge Sensors act as a network administrator’s remote brains and feet”providing comprehensive analysis of distant Wi-Fi traffic and allowing for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting. AirMagnet’s SmartEdge Architecture gives companies the means to efficiently and cost-effectively secure and support their wireless networks”no matter how geographically dispersed their offices or what kinds of wireless infrastructure are in use.

3D Rogue Control

AirMagnet Enterprise continually stands guard: monitoring the corporate network for trespassers, rogue access points (APs), and other malicious break-ins and attacks. AirMagnet’s zero-tolerance approach to rogue APs and devices is accomplished through 3D Rogue Control that detects, disables and documents unwanted devices. Unlike competitive solutions with simple, one-dimensional scans that miss sophisticated attacks, AirMagnet’s 3D Rogue Control uncovers the full range of rogue devices.

Automated Intrusion Response

AirMagnet doesn’t simply monitor for rogues and intruders, but takes immediate action and can be automated to tackle more than 120 distinct security and performance threats even in the middle of the night. Intruders or network attackers can be stopped in their tracks with automated wireless and wired-side blocking, the first such solution to market. AirMagnet Enterprise also allows users to set policies for automatic escalation of security measures and responses, and to create a tiered notification system to contact appropriate personnel for follow-up action. AirMagnet’s unique analytic engine can detect many intrusions missed by other products, including Honeypot APs, the new Queensland University exploit, ASLEAP vulnerabilities, and Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Full Disclosure Policy Management

To better suit the needs of enterprise-class customers, AirMagnet Enterprise 5.0 includes industry-specific policy templates and wizards. These simplify compliance with government and industry regulations such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). At the same time, AirMagnet Enterprise allows customers to create unique policies to address their varied requirements.

AirMagnet Enterprise’s new name is a reflection of its rapid adoption. Our growing customer base is evidence that Fortune 1000 firms realize there’s no turning back the clock. We live in an increasingly wireless world, and network administrators can’t be physically present for every trouble-shooting or security concern worldwide, said Dean Au, chief executive officer of AirMagnet. AirMagnet’s solutions make the most of existing IT resources by putting smart technology in place to minimize security risk and reduce legal exposure while boosting network performance.

Pricing and Availability

AirMagnet Enterprise systems start at $8,995. The starting price includes Enterprise server and console software, Reporter, and four SmartEdge Sensors. Sensors with removable antennas can also be deployed. AirMagnet Enterprise 5.0 is available now. For additional information please call AirMagnet at 408-400-0200 or e-mail

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