Nextorage Releases 8 TB M.2 2280 Storage, Based on Phison E18 and Priced Around $840

Nextorage, a multinational corporation, has released two 8TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 G-Series drives. The NE1N8TB and NEM-PA8TB models, despite their similarities, vary with the latter boasting an aluminum cooling radiator. They are compatible with both PCs and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles.

Users planning to incorporate the NEM-PA8TB into their PCs should ensure enough space for installation since this model comes with an inbuilt cooling radiator that cannot be disassembled.

Nextorage NVMe PCIe 4.0 drives

The SSDs are based on an 8-channel controller supporting 3D NAND TLC memory chips with a data transfer rate of 1200 MT/s. While Nextorage did not specify which controller they have used, it is highly probable that it’s the Phison E18, considering that Nextorage used to be a joint venture of Sony and its Sony Storage Media Solutions Corporation (SMSS) division, along with Phison. All of Nextorage’s assets were acquired by Phison from Sony in 2022.

Interior view of Nextorage drives

Both the NE1N8TB and NEM-PA8TB use the same components, ensuring comparable performance. They come with 2GB DDR4 cache memory. Sequential read and write speeds measure 7300 and 6600 MB/s, respectively. Random read and write operations are stated at 900k IOPS and 1 million IOPS respectively. The company offers a five-year warranty and claims a durability of 10,000 TBW (terabytes written) for both drives.

The Nextorage NEM-PA8TB, with its cooling radiator, retails at $849.99 on Amazon US. The radiator-free version is not yet available in the US. In Japan, the NEM-PA8TB model is priced 2000 yen (around $13.34) more than the NE1N8TB. Hence, the cost of the NE1N8TB could be around $837.

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