On Instagram, Everyone Can Now Edit Sent Private Messages

New Features Update for Instagram

Meta has announced that Instagram users are now able to edit direct messages within 15 minutes of sending them. The only previously available way to rectify an error in a sent message was to completely delete and then resend a correct version.

How to Edit Sent Messages on Instagram

For users to edit a direct message, the process is straightforward. All that is needed is to press and hold the message. A drop-down menu will surface where you can select the ‘Edit’ option. A notable feature is that edited messages will bear an ‘Edited’ tag in the conversation. This leaves no room for discreet editing without the recipient knowing. If you want to make an unmarked edit, the only choice remains to delete the original message and send a new one.

Related Updates from Meta

The ability to edit messages was introduced on Facebook Messenger from Meta a few months ago. Cross-platform messaging was not supported from December onwards, but Meta remains committed to offering some shared features across its apps. Instagram users can now also enable or disable read notifications, pin personal or group chats in their inbox, and respond to messages with their choice of stickers, GIF files, videos, photos, and voice messages.

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