P-Com Expands Speedlan Line

P-Com, Inc., a worldwide provider of broadband wireless access products and services to carriers, commercial enterprises and government agencies, today announced a significant expansion of its highly regarded SPEEDLAN product line.

SPEEDLAN 9200 represents the next generation in self-healing mesh technology by giving network owners and operators enhanced capabilities to route signals around obstructions to deliver wireless broadband services. SPEEDLAN 9200 facilitates use of 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz OFDM technology up to 54Mb/s signaling rate.

SPEEDLAN 9200, which supports remote access by mobile users with a laptop or PDA, also performs AES encryption in hardware with no throughput penalty. The product is well-suited for current and emerging IP applications, and is optimized for video surveillance and security applications for ports, airports and a wide range of public infrastructure.

In launching SPEEDLAN 9200, P-Com also announced that it has modified the popular SPEEDLAN 9100 product by enhancing the network management user interface to help wireless ISPs better manage their wireless networks.

“These latest enhancements to the SPEEDLAN family of products provide a wide range of users with greater capabilities and functionality to deliver wireless broadband services,” said P-Com CEO Sam Smookler. “SPEEDLAN 9200 will be the best self-healing mesh product on the market, and the enhancements to the SPEEDLAN 9100 make it a perfect fit for wireless ISPs.”

Beth Kahn, Vice President of License-Exempt Products, said: “SPEEDLAN 9200 is getting good reviews from customers because it adds new features that meet the growing demand for reliable, high-throughput wireless capabilities. SPEEDLAN 9200 delivers greater value, power, and flexibility, particularly to those needing solutions to security applications.”

SPEEDLAN 9200 routers create flexible, scalable, and fault-tolerant networks that can be deployed quickly. In addition to being the most flexible broadband wireless topology, SPEEDLAN 9200 mesh technology achieves the following:

Enables network expansion

Provides a self-healing architecture

Reduces implementation and operating costs

Facilitates mobile applications.

By removing line-of-sight (LOS) issues caused by large buildings, hills, and other obstructions, service providers can reduce network deployment costs while maximizing their broadband wireless investment, and can reach new markets that could otherwise not be served. SPEEDLAN 9200 wireless solutions provide real-time information that can be reached from anywhere on the network or from anywhere in the world.

Using SPEEDLAN 9200, network operators can also add nodes to the network conveniently and cost effectively. A new building can be added by simply establishing LOS with any other node already on the network.

Network stability and performance are also enhanced with SPEEDLAN 9200. Utilizing specialized, multi-hop routing protocols designed to optimize network traffic patterns, SPEEDLAN 9200 delivers greater stability and higher performance for service providers offering a wide range of wireless broadband applications.

P-Com’s Wireless Surveillance solutions are available through some of the leading integrators and manufacturers in the security industry and offer robust solutions that leverage existing infrastructure and security solutions for more seamless integration, greater flexibility and a higher level of integrity.