PocketBreeze 4.3 – New Release

PocketBreeze new major version is out! with version 4.3 you will find lots of new features and improvements making PocketBreeze the most powerful Today screen plug-in.

Three of the major improvements you will find with PocketBreeze 4.3:

The Custom Tab – Using the new and exciting Custom Tab feature you can include any other Today screen plug-in inside PocketBreeze as a new PocketBreeze tab! This gives you the most efficient solution for managing your Today screen real estate. The Dynamic Tab Loadin technology – With the new Dynamic Tab Loading PocketBreeze tabs can be loaded dynamically only when you access them, offering the best memory usage solution for Today screen plugins. The Custom Tab feature is also loaded using the Dynamic Tab Loading technology. Brand new VGA look – The new version offers a complete re-do for VGA users with a new and fresh look! We also had many new VGA and QVGA skins added to our skins page. We invite you to visit our QVGA skins page and VGA skins page.

Click here to read more about PocketBreeze and download a trial version

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