Pure Search Results: Google Introduces Traditional Web Search

Google’s search engine has introduced a new “Web” tab providing users with traditional text search results without the clutter of the various enhancements typical to the conventional “ten blue links”.

The “Web” option serves as a new addition to the search engine’s options alongside the usual “News”, “Images”, and “Shopping” choices. The need for such an option arose due to the numerous changes that Google has made to search results in recent years. In this new tab, users can view textual results devoid of images, shopping suggestions, maps, and other elements that Google considers beneficial.

Users wanting to revert to the typical, comprehensive Google search output will need to select the “All” tab, leading to a page filled with the additions created for user convenience and Google’s advantage. The difference is expected to become more noticeable once Google hands over the search results page structuring to the Gemini artificial intelligence system.

These additions have drawn criticism from both users who struggle to navigate through the extra elements to reach relevant search results and website owners who invariably experience reduced traffic due to the same reason. The situation is further complicated by the issue of search engine spam – useless resources with excessive search optimization, sites loaded with AI-generated content, and fake online stores designed to phish visitor data.

The new “web-only” search option will be globally available within two days. It is aimed at facilitating users’ exploration of organic search results, eliminating the need for consulting other search engines for non-biased outcomes. However, Google appears uncertain about this new feature, as it is tucked away in the “More” drop-down menu.

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