Reliable insider reveals when to expect Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Insider News: The release timeline for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Giant Bomb’s journalist, Jeff Grubb, has shared some intriguing inside news regarding the release timeline for the much-awaited role-playing game Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, developed by Electronic Arts and BioWare, during a recent broadcast of Game Mess Decides.

The upcoming installment of the Dragon Age series, named as Dreadwolf, was initially announced at The Game Awards show in December 2018. Since then, over three years have passed without any official release date from Electronic Arts or BioWare.

While the official statement on the release is missing, EA’s financial reports suggested that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will not be released before April. Speculations about a premiere in 2024 were made by the game’s animator and surprisingly, by the digital store Epic Games Store as well.

Artwork image: BioWare

Grubb also confirmed the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s potential release in 2024 (likely in the second half). He referenced the most recent insider information he had obtained. Grubb claimed that BioWare seems confident about this estimated timeline. However, in the modern gaming industry, a sure-fire release date does not always guarantee its immutability – delays can still occur.

Promotional image: Steam

The Game’s Plot

In the storyline, the destiny of Thedas hangs by a thread. Players will assemble an extraordinary team of vibrant characters, explore the themes of friendship, drama, and love, and challenge the looming storm.

Platform and Production Status.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is being developed for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. Following its stand since September 2022, the game is currently in the post-production phase and the official presentation is planned for the coming summer.

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