Rumors: Star Citizen Developer Studio Allegedly Masked Massive Layoffs as Employee Relocation

Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), the studio responsible for the ambitious space sim Star Citizen, appears to be facing staff layoffs. However, it has not commented publicly on these events.

MassivelyOP reports additional layoffs

MassivelyOP noted that following the departure of Star Citizen’s development director, Todd Papy, other employees left CIG, presumably not of their own volition.

Among those laid off were Lead Producer Jake Ross, Level Designer Dane Kubicka, head of the QA team Vincent Sinatra, and Senior QA Analyst Andrew Rexroth.

Source image: Cloud Imperium Games

Accusations of toxic work culture

Producer Annie Bouffard left CIG of her own accord, calling it an “extremely toxic company”, where she faced harassment for expressing concerns about potential layoffs.

According to Bouffard, CIG made widespread cuts in late January, masking them as staff relocation. Few were prepared to move to another country or continent with little to no prior notice, she said.

Source image: Cloud Imperium Games

CIG remains silent

CIG hasn’t addressed this situation or the allegations made by their former employees. Meanwhile, has reached out to the studio for a comment on the matter.

Release dates for Star Citizen and its story mode Squadron 42 have yet to be announced, with the latter moving into the polishing stage last fall. In the meantime, funding for the game’s development has surpassed $667 million.

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