Samsung and Arm combine efforts to develop 6G technology

Samsung and Arm Collaborate to Develop 6G Technology

In anticipation of industry standards and new technologies, Samsung Electronics from South Korea and Arm, a British processor architecture developer, are joining forces to create SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) technology. This advancement is set to play a significant role in the future 6G communication networks.

Open Source For All

The collaborative initiative, as highlighted in Samsung’s press release, will use open-source software, making its results available to all interested parties. The project’s aim is to improve data packet processing techniques in preparation for the emergence of 6G information transmission networks and the widespread implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. These technologies dramatically increase data transmission speed and volume requirements.

The Role of Software in 6G Networks

According to Samsung, the significance of software in the evolution of 6G networks will continue to increase. Their partnership with Arm is seen as a revolutionary step in the application of parallel data transmission. A crucial consideration for developers is ensuring data processing occurs with the least possible energy expenditure. This consideration is of paramount importance considering the continually increasing demands of hardware solutions involved in artificial intelligence applications.

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