Samsung to Expand its Research Center Staff in Japan to Advance the Development of HBM4

Samsung Electronics is escalating attention towards chip packaging technologies instead of lithography as complex computational components become more widespread. This awareness has led the company’s Japanese research centre in Yokohama to enlarge its workforce, surpassing the initial target indicators.

Strengthening of workforce to foster technological innovation

The soon-to-be established Samsung Research Center in Japan aims to ease collaboration between Korean experts and their Japanese counterparts, who represent chip packaging material and equipment manufacturers. The approximately 6,600-square-metre facility is expected to accommodate over 100 specialists who will commence work in 2025. Samsung is planning to expand the team involved in building the research centre, incorporating HR and finance professionals.

Government funding to accelerate project development

The construction of the centre costs approximately $260 million, with nearly half of this sum to be covered by subsidies from the Japanese government. These funds will be sourced from the “Post-5G” targeted fund, dedicated to financing prospective technologies.

Local engagements to intensify technological advancements

The proximity of material and equipment suppliers, and the potential for collaboration with local universities, significantly influenced the location choice for Samsung’s research centre. Besides developing packaging solutions for HBM4 memory chips, solutions for 5G networks will also be conceived at this centre.

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