“Second Consecutive Patch for ‘Smute’ Released with ‘Massive Number of Fixes and Improvements'”

Continuing their promise of ongoing enhancements, Russia’s Cyberia Nova has released yet another patch for its historical RPG, “Smuta”, bringing with it a substantial number of corrections and improvements.

The version 1.0.5 update for “Smuta” debuted on the digital distribution service VK Play on May 15, and according to the official list of changes, it introduces less than 40 points (compared to about 50 in the previous 1.0.4 version).

Firstly, the studio focused on optimization, enhancing performance at epic settings in Yaroslavl, fixing slowdowns at the lowest settings and also at Tyoply Stan and Nizhny Novgorod market locations.

Smuta Game Update Patch

Secondly, the developers added guide fireflies to the “Fairy Forest” location and visual alerts for situations where it is not possible to summon a horse.

In addition, the 1.0.5 update introduces a range of fixes, including:

  • Save game bugs related to enemy respawn, incorrect reset of stones and artifacts system, issues preventing further stealth progress, etc;
  • Problematic map elements in “Yaroslavl”, “Nizhny Novgorod” “Nizhny Novgorod Outskirts”, “Prologue” locations;
  • Textual, gameplay, logical, and technical issues in the quests “Last Spurt”, “Friend’s kins”, “Through the Snow”, “Difficult Meeting”, “A job for a Real Man”, “…and the Beast”, “Lie for Good”, “Conflicts at Streltsy”, “State Affairs” and “For a Good Cause”;
  • Incorrect settings in the “Low” graphics suite;
  • Incorrect animation in the “Tsar’s Court” image;
  • Malfunctions in the “Track Quest” and “Quiet Kill” mechanics, specifically in the “Camp near Moscow” location;
  • Slow cursor movement speed on the map when using the Xbox controller;
  • Missing phrases from Yuri’s “Inner Voice”;
  • Issues with voice acting, camera placement, dialogue disconnection, the shift of day and night, lip synchronization with the sound in cutscenes.
Smuta Game Second Patch

Based on a roadmap released earlier in May, the next significant patch for “Smuta” will bring improvements in combat dynamics, remove the possibility of “clicking through” enemies, and enhance the importance of blocking.

“Smuta” was exclusively released on VK Play on April 4, available for 2015 rubles. The game is set to receive a major expansion titled “Zemsky Sobor” by the end of 2024, presenting a gripping political thriller.

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