SK Hynix has already sold out all HBM memory to be released this year.

The South Korean semiconductor manufacturer, SK hynix, continues to maintain its dominance as the main HBM3 chip supplier to NVIDIA. This high-bandwidth memory is a vital component in NVIDIA’s widely-demanded computing accelerators. Despite SK hynix’s plans to double HBM memory production this year, the company has already sold out its manufacturing schedule for 2024, according to company leaders.

Kim Ki-Tae, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SK hynix, reported this development on Korea IT Times. According to him, SK hynix led the way in HBM production, foreseeing the markets’ demand for fast memory. Ki-Tae assured that the company would do everything possible to safeguard its leadership position this year. HBM development, production, and sale are now managed by a special division within SK hynix, overseen by Ki-Tae himself. He predicts high demand for HBM3E, DDR5, and LPDDR5T memory types this year.

SK hynix has already sold out its HBM production quota for the current year, and preparations are underway to fulfill orders in 2025. The aim is to preserve its market-leading position next year as well. According to analysts’ predictions, SK hynix’s operating profit for this year is expected to hit $7.5 billion. Given last year’s revenue of $24.5 billion, this is a commendable performance, especially considering the costs involved in dramatically ramping up HBM memory production.

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