Software Optimization to Speed Up Electric Vehicle Charging by 15-30%

Breathe Battery Technologies Promises Faster EV Charging Through Algorithm Control

Contrary to traditional attempts at speeding EV battery charging times through altering their chemical composition, British company Breathe Battery Technologies is proposing a revolutionary approach. By merely regulating algorithms, the UK-based startup claims to reduce the charging duration by an impressive 15-30%.

Volvo Cars, a manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles and hybrids under China’s Geely, recently invested in this innovative startup originated from Imperial College London according to tech news outlet, Ars Technica. The partnership is nonexclusive, meaning that other companies can utilize this ingenious battery charging management technology, with Volvo being the pioneer.

Typically, modern battery suppliers provide predetermined optimal charging conditions that stick to a specific pattern. This standard pattern, however, overlooks the nuanced state of each battery and its charging and operational conditions. Breathe Battery Technologies suggests yielding to the feedback from built-in battery sensors, which, using embedded processors and software algorithms, propose a charging mode optimal for each individual traction battery. This alone could reduce the charge replenishment time by a significant 15-30%, according to the innovators at the company.

From Volvo’s perspective, integrating this technology will not require additional efforts towards refining the hardware of their electric cars, only the introduction of these tailored software algorithms. Theoretically, this innovative approach could enhance the charging conditions of laptop batteries and various devices, so it is likely that Breathe Battery Technologies will gain considerable traction across different market sectors. However, Volvo has yet to specify when, and on which models, this breakthrough technology will make its debut.

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