Somber Echoes, a Science Fiction Metroidvania in Greek-Roman Style, Announced

Bonus Stage Publishing and Rock Pocket Games have unveiled Somber Echoes, a sci-fi Metroidvania set in a Greco-Roman motif. The creators describe their work as a “love letter” to the genre.

In the distant future, Somber Echoes takes place aboard the Greco-Roman spacecraft named Atromitos. Following specific events, “horrors from another dimension” have appeared. The colossal location is split into seven visually distinct regions with unique decor and enemies.

In Somber Echoes, you play as the awakened goddess Adrasteia, daughter of Zeus and Themis, who was revived by a mysterious power from the wreckage. As per the myth, she must stop her twin sister, Harmony, from “unraveling the universe”. However, “many questions remain unanswered.”

Key features of Somber Echoes include:

  • An emotional story inspired by Greek tragedies and mythology
  • A unique ambience of Greco-Roman science fiction
  • An intuitive combat system centered around acrobatic maneuvers, offering players maximum freedom
  • Seven distinct regions each with its own individuality

Somber Echoes will be released on PC with its own page on Steam. The list of target platforms may be expanded later.

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