Spamhaus – Helps Target And Mount Prosecutions Against Spam Gangs!

Spamhaus is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to track the Internet’s Spam Gangs, to provide dependable realtime anti-spam protection for Internet networks, to work with Law Enforcement Agencies to identify and pursue spammers worldwide, and to lobby governments for effective anti-spam legislation.

Founded in 1998, Spamhaus is based in the UK and is run by a dedicated team of 18 volunteer investigators located around the world.

Spamhaus publishes the Register Of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) – a database collating information and evidence on the 200 worst spam gangs worldwide, used by ISPs to avoid signing up known spammers, and by Law Enforcement Agencies to help target and mount prosecutions against spam gangs.

To protect networks and email users, Spamhaus publishes two spam-blocking databases – the Spamhaus Block List (SBL) and the Exploits Block List (XBL). Broadcast from a network of 32 servers in 12 countries, the Spamhaus blocklists are now used by many of the Internet’s major Internet Service Providers, Corporations, Universities, Government and Military networks, and currently protect the mailboxes of 260 Million Internet users.

Funding for operations is through sponsors and donations. Funds for hardware and infrastructure are raised from subscriptions to a blocklist synchronization service (‘Data Feed’) supplied hourly to large Internet networks.

You can visit SPAMHAUS here.

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