Spb Software House Releases Spb Diary

The most popular feature request Spb gets from Spb Pocket Plus users is an advanced replacement for the underwhelming standard calendar and tasks Today plug-ins.

To give more options to their users they have decided to release this enhancement as a separate product.

85% of Pocket PC users use their Pocket PC as an organizer1. Spb Diary is a nice addition to Spb Pocket Plus; it replaces the standard calendar and tasks Today plug-ins with an advanced PIM Today plug-in. Installing both Spb Pocket Plus and Spb Diary you will get maximum power from your Today screen.

Spb Diary 1.0:

Three PIM Today plug-ins in one Tabs for Calendar, Tasks and Contacts Integration with Pocket Outlook Integration with Agenda Fusion Integration with Pocket Informant Much more features…

Special Limited Time Offer!

Spb Pocket Plus customers can get Spb Diary for $9.95

You can learn more about Spb Diary here.

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