Starting June 12, Products and Services on Telegram Bots Can Only be Purchased Using Telegram Stars

Launch of Telegram Stars Virtual Currency

Starting June 12, Telegram Messenger Inc., known for the messaging app of the same name, is introducing a virtual currency named Telegram Stars. With this new currency, Telegram users can pay for goods and services within the app’s bots. Telegram Stars can be purchased with the purchase tool in both the App Store and Google Play.

Telegram Stars: A Forced Move Due To Policy Violations

Information indicates that Telegram finds themselves launching this new currency under pressure. The previous model for payments for goods and services in bots and mini-applications outside of Telegram was found to be in violation of App Store’s “App Review Guidelines” 4.7 and 3.1.1. Should these violations persist, most bots might cease to operate as they would be unavailable on versions of the Telegram app for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

Details About the New Currency

The company emphasized that all user payments in bots and mini-applications will be possible solely through Telegram Stars. However, they accepted that the old payment scheme for goods and services could be maintained while using versions of the application downloaded not from the App Store and Google Play. For instance, currently, Russian Federation citizens can pay for the Telegram Premium subscription via @PremiumBot.

Conversion of Telegram Stars to TON

Moreover, bot and mini-application developers will have the opportunity to convert their earned Telegram Stars into TON (Telegram Open Network) tokens.

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