Street Atlas USA® 2004

Now experience the added security of always having exactly the maps you need, conveniently accessible on your handheld computer. The enclosed software provides detailed maps of the entire U.S. conveniently on CD-ROM.

Much more than simply maps, this powerful software brings many capabilities previously only possible on desktop PCs to the world of handheld computer mapping.

Includes street-level maps for the entire U.S., from rural roads to detailed city streets, includes Canadian primary and secondary roads, Create address-to-address routes directly on your handheld computer, Quickly locate on detailed maps your address book contacts, plus 4 million updated points of interest. Includes restaurants, hotels, attractions, banks, schools, and more, connect to the DeLorme Earthmate GPS receiver (available separately) and track yourself in real time on street-level maps anywhere in the U.S. Now with large Turn Arrows .

Also works with Topo USA 5.0!

Bring topographic maps on your Pocket PC or Palm OS handheld computer. You get all of the same functions of Street Atlas USA 2004 Handheld but with Topo USA 5.0 maps. Any Topo USA 5.0 draw objects will be transferred with the maps on which they are drawn, contour lines and land-use/land-cover polygons will be present in Topo maps, upload and download GPS waypoints and routes, as well as upload GPS log files

A Note About Compatibility with Other DeLorme Software

Street Atlas USA 2004 Handheld includes complete street-level map coverage of the entire U.S. If desired, you can also access maps for use from these other DeLorme desktop applications: Topo USA 5.0 and Street Atlas USA 2004 (but not previous versions of Street Atlas USA, including versions 9.0 and earlier, Street Atlas USA Deluxe, or Street Atlas USA Road Warrior Edition).

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