SyChip drivers Included in the next generation of Windows CE

SyChip, the leader in Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) and Chip Scale Modules/System in Package (CSM/SIP) modules for the wireless mobile market, today announced that its SDIO WLAN driver has been integrated into the Windows CE 5.0 Platform Builder.

The drivers were extensively tested using the Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Test Kit (CETK). This mandatory test tool was used to test the SDIO device drivers developed by SyChip for Windows CE. The testing validated compliance on the CPUs and hardware platforms that Windows CE supports. The platform will natively support both the single function SDIO WLAN card and combination SDIO device, which includes both the 802.11b function and 256MB of flash in one card package.

Windows CE 5.0 will support increased security and multimedia features. In addition, the operating system platform will support native SDIO functionality. This means that SDIO peripheral cards, such as SyChip’s WLAN6065SD Low Power WLAN card, will work “out of the box” on devices that support this operating system platform. The operating system will also form the basis of Microsoft’s next-generation Windows Mobile offerings aimed at PDAs, wireless-enabled handhelds and Smartphones.

“The inclusion of the SyChip drivers in the next generation of Windows CE represents another first for SyChip in the WLAN space, and validates the SyChip driver as the de-facto solution for the Windows Mobile platform requiring WLAN functionality via a small form factor card,” said Moses Asom, Co-Founder and senior vice president of marketing and business development for SyChip. “SyChip has been working with Microsoft for some time now to ensure that users have a simple user experience in using an aftermarket WLAN card in a mobile device.”

“SyChip’s SDIO card addresses key challenges that users of portable equipment face in terms of performance and battery life,” said Melanie Cosklo, group product manager for the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “The inclusion of SyChip’s SDIO WLAN driver in the Windows CE 5.0 Platform Builder will enable developers to quickly and easily bring wireless connectivity to portable devices.”

The example driver as supplied in the Windows CE 5.0 Platform Builder will also be part of the next-generation Pocket PC platform shipped to OEMs in order to provide users with a true plug-and-play experience for Wi-Fi connectivity. This driver will be compatible with cards sold by SyChip’s channel partners, SanDisk Corporation and Socket Communications.

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