Telegram Will Start Paying Channel Owners for Ad Displays

Telegram, the popular messaging app, will start disbursing payments to channel owners from the coming month, its founder Pavel Durov announced on his private channel.

“Starting from next month, owners of Telegram channels will be able to start receiving monetary compensation for their work,” wrote Durov.

Durov also indicated that Telegram channels garner 1 trillion views monthly, but just 10% of these get monetized via Telegram’s advertising platform Telegram Ads. In March, Telegram Ads is set to roll out for all advertisers in a hundred new countries. Channel owners will earn 50% of the revenue Telegram makes from running advertisements on their channels.

For swift and secure payments, the TON blockchain will be used solely. This implies that Telegram plans to sell ads and share revenues using its cryptocurrency, Toncoin. This strategy will generate a self-contained cycle where content creators can either cash the Toncoins earned from ads or reinvest them for channel promotion and upgrading. It remains unclear if Telegram Ads will be accessible in Russia.

Following Durov’s announcement, the value of Toncoin saw a significant surge of 25%, peaking at $2.80 per coin. At the time of drafting this article, Toncoin was trading at approximately $2.71 per coin according to CoinGecko.

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