Tencent’s World of Warcraft: Fantasy MMO game Tarisland gets a release date and trailer featuring its own Deathwing

The Tencent-owned publisher, Level Infinite and Chinese game studio Locojoy have confirmed the global launch of their free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, Tarisland, modelled after World of Warcraft.

Tarisland was announced soon after China’s World of Warcraft was suspended (though expected to resume in the near future) and has undergone several phases of both open and closed beta testing ever since.

The international release of Tarisland is set for June 21 this year on PC, Android and iOS. The option for pre-registration — available on the official website — has been utilized by over 3 million people.

To celebrate this announcement, the Tarisland developers also showcased a cinematic trailer of the Hell Dragon, reminiscent of WoW’s Deathwing — the game’s final boss with impenetrable scales and a wingspan of approximately 200 meters.

The events of Tarisland unfold on the war-ravaged fantasy continent of Taris. Users, playing as noble adventurers, must find allies and save the world from chaos.

Tarisland is powered by Unreal Engine 4

The developers promise nine classes (each with two specializations), a flexible talent system, challenging raid quests featuring epic bosses, an extensive open world, and crossplay across all target platforms.

In Tarisland’s first season, there will be five dungeons (each with three difficulty levels), eight 10-player raid bosses, and several PvE modes. The developers have stated that from the outset, they will be implementing detailed optimization on PC and other platforms.

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