The AI Bot Gemini is now available on iOS through the Google app.

Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Gemini, is expanding its reach, replacing the previous “Google Assistant”. The AI chatbot is now accessible via the Google app for iOS users in several new countries, according to Android Authority.

iPhone users can now activate the Gemini chatbot within the main Google application, as there is no separate Gemini app. The shift to the new AI assistant triggers a change in the app interface, including a larger field for user inquiries at the bottom. A microphone icon enables voice commands, while a separate button sends the user’s input. Unlike Android, automated voice responses are not available unless the speaker icon is activated.

When interacting with Gemini on iOS, users have multiple options: texting, using voice commands, sending images, or opening the phone camera from the app. Gemini is capable of concisely conveying complex topics, generating program code, composing texts such as thank-you notes and emails, creating images, and more. However, unlike Android, iOS’s Siri does not offer the ability to call up Gemini for contextual assistance from any screen.

Although not yet confirmed, Apple is also reportedly working on new AI capabilities for its iPhone, with a potential launch alongside iOS 18.

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