Thermal Grizzly Releases Custom Cover for Intel LGA 1700 Chips – Decreases Temperature by Nearly 15 °C

Thermal Grizzly has launched the custom-made Intel Heatspreader V1 for the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth generation Intel Core processors, specifically for the LGA 1700 variant. Installation of this product necessitates a process known as “delidding”, or the removal of the standard heatspreader, inevitably voiding the processor’s warranty. However, this procedure could unlock higher overclocking capabilities.

Significant Reduction in Processor Temperature

According to Thermal Grizzly, using their custom-made heatspreader, in conjunction with a liquid-cooling system, allows the processor’s operating temperature to decrease by 14.8 degrees Celsius as opposed to a standard setup.

“Our internal tests of the high-performance heatspreader, Intel High-Performance Heatspreader V1 (HPHS), showed remarkable results. We used the Intel Core i5-14600K for evaluation, running at a frequency of 5.6 GHz at the core voltage (vCore) of 1.4 V. The chip was tested in the Cinebench R23 benchmark using the Watercool MO-RA3 custom liquid-cooling (LC) loop with 200 mm Noctua fans, complemented by the Alphacool Core 1 waterblock. With the standard heatspreader and mounting frame, the processor’s average temperature was found to be 92.1 degrees Celsius at the point of measurement. This temperature dropped by 14.8 degrees to reach 77.3 °C with the Intel High Performance Heatspreader V1” , the company statement read.

Thermal Grizzly's product

Availability and Pricing

The custom-made Intel High Performance Heatspreader V1 processor cap is available in Thermal Grizzly’s official online store for €44.90.

Specifications and Compatibility

The custom-made solution boasts a surface area 207% larger than that of standard Intel processor covers. The Intel High Performance Heatspreader V1 is crafted using diamond milling, resulting in a smoother contact surface. Nickel-plated copper is utilized in the construction of the Intel High Performance Heatspreader V1. Thermal Grizzly notes that their new product is compatible with both air and liquid cooling systems.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Thermal Grizzly also plans to introduce a custom-made heatspreader for AMD processors for the Socket AM5.

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