“They’ve Seriously Created Dark Souls 4”: Gameplay Trailer of the Large-scale Mod, Dark Souls: Archthrones for Dark Souls 3 Reveals Demo Release Date

The highly-anticipated demo for the vast Dark Souls: Archthrones modification of the role-playing action game Dark Souls 3 has finally received a confirmed release date. The announcement was accompanied by a new gameplay trailer.

As a reminder, the developers of Dark Souls: Archthrones, The Archthrones Team, had initially promised to release the demo back in September. However, development was delayed. Fortunately, the wait will soon be over.

As revealed in the new trailer, the Dark Souls: Archthrones demo will be available for download this week, on March 15th. Although the mod is free, it will require a copy of Dark Souls 3 with all add-ons.

The eager fans appreciated the short interval between the announcement and the demo release in their comments. They also commended the scale of the mod. As fan Li Boom excitedly commented, “They’ve genuinely created Dark Souls 4.”

The ninety-second trailer showcased the Nexus equivalent (the altered Fire Shrine from DS3), five unique worlds in which Archthrones will unfold (including the desert kingdom of Cartus), and encounters with inhabitants.

The creators label Archthrones as an unparalleled mod in size, transforming Dark Souls 3 and comparable in scale. The demo will feel like “an independent game” and offer numerous engaging activities.

The mod serves as a prequel to Dark Souls 3. It promises a redesigned character progression system, new locations, enemies, bosses, voiced NPCs, as well as elements (designs, moves, animations) from other FromSoftware games.

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