Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard

The Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard is the perfect productivity companion to your smart phone, PDA, Tablet, Media Center PC or notebook – almost any device that has Bluetooth supports this hot new product! We take a look deeper into this highly anticipated Bluetooth keyboard.

The Stowaway is the most popular PDA keyboard to date, and has become the standard by which other keyboards are judged. Why? When unfolded open, the keyboard is a reasonably rigid keyboard with full-sized keys and notebook key travel. When not in use, it folds into a neat little rectangle not much bigger than my 43550 iPAQ Pocket. You won’t have to adjust your typing style to use the Bluetooth Stowaway.

Open the spring latch, unfold the keyboard and the panels lock together and you’ve got a rigid keyboard. This means you can use the keyboard on uneven surfaces, previous models of the stowaway had seems a bit loose making it hard. Direct center, there’s a flip-up stand that supports your iPAQ for easy viewing when it’s docked via the sync port to the Stowaway.

When I first opened up the Bluetooth Stowaway I received 2 AA batteries, a slim and durable keyboard and the required software. Once you load the CD you will notice the same process involved with loading any other PocketPC software, installation was quick and easy. If you look on the back of the keyboard it specifically requests that you press ctr,Fn(Blue)+Fn(Green) to enable the keyboard to be paired. Once you turn the keyboard on you need to launch the included software to scan for the Bluetooth keyboard. This process took me 15 seconds to find the keyboard and pair!! I know many of you probably are saying no way, but it was true I did this over 5 times! Once the unit is paired you are ready to go. The software included gives the end user some flexibility such as key repeat rate, key repeat delay, Caps lock notification and it also gives the user 10 function hot keys to assign certain tasks.

The keyboard as you can see in these pictures isn’t much larger than a 4355 iPAQ PocketPC which makes it extremely desirable for those people who travel a lot. Overall I have to say ThinkOutside did a fabulous job with the design and overall appearance of the Bluetooth Keyboard. If you are a person who travels a lot and needs the portability this is your answer! Great job!

This unit is not being sold as of today but can be preordered NOW

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