THQ Nordic Teases Gamers with Upcoming Projects at Gamescom 2024 – Publishers of ‘Gothic’ Remake and Titan Quest 2 Prepares Two Surprises

THQ Nordic announced that the company will be present at Germany’s gamescom 2024 after the presentation at the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2024.

THQ Nordic will introduce five games at gamescom 2024. Of these five, three titles have been disclosed, while the final two remain a secret.

Visitors at gamescom 2024 will get a chance to interact with three games: Gothic, the role-playing video game remake; Titan Quest 2, a mythological role-playing action game; and Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, the Epic Mickey remake.

 Upcoming games showcased by THQ Nordic

On the other hand, the two unannounced game projects by THQ Nordic have fans on a guessing spree. Both game titles are hidden, yet the known specifics include the letter count in each title and the spaces between them:

  1. ****** (a single word, six letters);
  2. *** ******* **** ** ******* (five words, 23 letters in total).

The exact projects behind these letters are currently unknown, sparking intrigue and speculation amongst users. Gematsu creator Sal Romano believes that the second title could potentially be from the Red Faction series.

 Speculations around the unannounced games by THQ Nordic

The guessing will continue for another one and a half months, according to THQ Nordic, with the true nature of the games being revealed during the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2024 presentation.

The THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2024 will be streamed live on YouTube, Twitch and Steam on August 2nd, at 10:00 PM Moscow time. Meanwhile, gamescom 2024 will take place in Cologne, Germany from August 21st to 25th.

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