Threads tests the ability to save drafts and take photos in the app

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has unveiled several eagerly anticipated features for the microblogging platform Threads, including the option to save drafts and capture photos directly within the app.

The new feature allows users of the mobile app to save a typed post as a draft by merely swiping down on the device’s screen. Once a draft is saved, the post icon at the bottom of the screen is highlighted. For now, Threads offers the functionality to save only one draft, and it is still unclear if this number will increase in the future.

In addition to saving drafts, Meta is also testing an in-app camera feature in Threads. This enables user’s phone cameras to be accessed directly within Threads, making photo-sharing more straightforward. Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already posted a photo on the platform that he claims was taken within the app itself.

The company clarified that this is the first round of testing for these experimental features, and they may undergo significant changes before becoming universally accessible. Currently, they are available to a limited number of users only. Also under trial are bookmarks, allowing users to save and quickly access posts; a roundup of trending topics; and the option to cross-post simultaneously on Threads and Facebook.

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