TSMC will produce the Tensor G5 chip for future Google Pixel 10 smartphones.

In 2021, Samsung has not only been helping Google develop its Tensor mobile chips but also manufacturing them upon Google’s order. However, recent reports from Android Authority indicate that Google is preparing to announce a new Tensor G5 processor, which will be produced by TSMC, not Samsung.

Samsung-produced Tensor G4 to Power Pixel 9, TSMC-produced Tensor G5 to Replace It

While Samsung will still produce the Tensor G4 processor to power the upcoming Pixel 9 smartphones, its successor, the Tensor G5, will likely be the first mobile device processor ordered by Google from Taiwan-based company TSMC. This conclusion came from an investigative report by Android Authority, which found evidence of this change in open databases containing declarations required for cross-border shipments of processor samples.

Early Revision A0 of the Tensor G5 Processor

After decoding the labels on these sample shipments, the original authors found that Google already has Tensor G5 processor samples, codenamed Laguna Beach. The processor samples are packagings the InFO POP method, a specialty of TSMC. Of note, these chips are of the early A0 revision, so their full functionality cannot yet be guaranteed. They come fitted with integrated Samsung Electronics-produced 16 GB DRAM, aligning with the speculated features of Tensor G5 as stated in earlier reports. Given that the chip’s market launch is roughly 16 months away, these samples are at their earliest stage of development.

Customs Documents Uncover a New Partnership

The customs documentation also reveals that Google’s branch in Taiwan is exporting the processor samples, while India’s Tessolve Semiconductor is importing them. Tessolve specializes in testing semiconductor components, indicating that Google might be exploring new collaborations with both TSMC and Tessolve Semiconductor instead of continuing solely with Samsung.

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