“Unified Upscaling for All: Microsoft Announces DirectSR to Standardize Approaches from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel”

Microsoft Developing DirectSR, A New API for Image Scaling Technologies

Contrary to earlier speculations, Microsoft’s upcoming technology known as DirectSR is not a universal upscaler. It is a new API specifically designed for game developers to simplify and universalize the integration of existing and future image scaling technologies into gaming projects.

Native Support from Leading Video Card Manufacturers

Developed with support from leading video card manufacturers such as NVIDIA and AMD, the new API will be introduced at the GDC 2024 conference in March. DirectSR encompasses key features common to all temporal scaling technologies. These widely include motion vectors, depth and color buffers, response and exposure labels, and more.

For effective upscaling operation, these variables (in the case of AMD FSR) need to be distributed among game frames. It seems that other existing temporal scaling technologies have similar requirements and key features. DirectSR aims to make the integration process of various upscalers more universal, and allow for a greater number of variables to be used with potential future scaling technologies.

API to Simplify Integration Process

“We are pleased to announce DirectSR, our new API developed with support from GPU manufacturers, aimed at simplifying the integration of Super Resolution (SR) technologies into the next-generation games. Image scaling represents a cutting-edge technology that not only increases resolution in games but also enhances their visual quality. DirectSR is the missing link that game developers have struggled with when integrating upscalers for the most effective and smooth gaming process, irrespective of the hardware used. This API allows the use of scaling technologies from different vendors by facilitating a common set of input and output data. Developers can now leverage various solutions, including NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, and Intel XeSS, in games with a single execution path. A preview of the DirectSR API will soon be available as part of the Agility SDK package for testing and developer feedback,” Microsoft explained on its website.

Popular Scaling Technologies

Currently, the most popular scaling technologies include NVIDIA DLSS2 and DLSS 3 (proprietary technologies only functioning on GeForce RTX video cards), AMD FSR 2 and FSR 3 (both open-source), and Intel XeSS (which remains closed despite Intel’s promises). Unreal Engine’s TSR, which may also receive DirectSR support, is also worth mentioning.

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