The Brutal Voxel Doom Mod for Doom II is Out – It Renders All Models in 3D and Upscales the Level of Brutality

Modder Derrick Davison has released Brutal Voxel Doom, a modification for the iconic shooter Doom II: Hell on Earth. The modification merges some of the best fan-made creations for the classic Doom series while adding new content and features.

A 3D Makeover

Brutal Voxel Doom morphs all enemy sprites and objects into fully 3D models, powered by Daniel Peterson, aka Cheello’s Doom Voxel mod. Davison has also incorporated the Parallax Doom II mod, introducing parallactic textures to the first two parts of the series for a pseudo-3D effect.

New Features

Brutal Voxel Doom doesn’t stop at graphics. Davison has increased the game’s intensity and diversified the enemy characters. New alien and zombie forms have been introduced, including those with helmets, chainsaws, and shields. Cyber-Mancubus and Mechanical Zombie from DOOM Eternal, Ogre from Quake and other adversaries have also been added. Additionally, the modder has included a headshot feature. Brutal Voxel Doom is available for free on ModDB.

All features of the mod have been demonstrated on a test map.

Other Noteworthy Modifications

Other remarkable mods for the classic Doom series highlighted by DSOGaming include Doom Ray Traced, Brutal Doom: Black Edition, Schism, Bloom, and Aliens Eradication TC.

Brutal Voxel Doom Visuals
Brutal Voxel Doom Screenshot 1
Brutal Voxel Doom Screenshot 2
Brutal Voxel Doom Screenshot 3
Brutal Voxel Doom Screenshot 4
Brutal Voxel Doom Screenshot 5
Brutal Voxel Doom Screenshot 6
Brutal Voxel Doom Screenshot 7
Brutal Voxel Doom Screenshot 8

In December 2023, the Doom series reached its 30 year anniversary. To celebrate, John Romero released a sequel to his unofficial Sigil expansion for the first part, introducing seven new levels.

The next DOOM installment from id Software is potentially already under development, as referenced in US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) documents regarding Microsoft and Activision Blizzard’s deal from September 2023.

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