Upcoming Patch for Halo Infinite to Improve Network Stability and Add Easy Anti-Cheat Support

343 Industries, the developers behind the sci-fi shooter Halo Infinite, have announced an upcoming patch for the game. The update will address several networking issues and introduce Easy Anti-Cheat support in the game.

“With the March update, we’re expanding our detection and enforcement capabilities, which will significantly improve overall game security and our ability to respond to match infringements”, explained the 343 Industries representatives. They also encouraged players to report any incidents of improper conduct by allies or opponents.

Updates to Squad Battle Playlist

The patch will also overhaul the Squad Battle playlist, offering seven fan-made maps using the Forge mode. This includes a walk-through of Perdition from Halo 4 and Timberland from Halo: Combat Evolved. The completely new locations to be added are Refuge, Rendezvous, Gyre, Harvest, and Behemoth.

Rollout of Update

The Halo Infinite update is scheduled for release on March 19th for both PC and Xbox platforms. It’s worth noting that in late January, it was revealed that the developers have decided not to release new content for the shooter as part of full seasons.

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