Denuvo Accidentally Removed from Lies of P, Delighting Pirates

On February 14, an update was released for the RPG action game, Lies of P, inspired by the fairy tale, “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. The patch not only delivered bug fixes and new content but had an unexpected gift for opponents of Denuvo as well.

The controversial anti-piracy protection was included in Lies of P just a few hours before early access started for purchasers of the extended edition. Until recently, it defended the game against hacker invasions.

As noted by DSOGaming, the update includes a version of the Lies of P executable file without Denuvo. The Denuvo-free version is 250 megabytes lighter than the protected version (133 versus 387 megabytes).

With the update, Lies of P added items inspired by Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Picture Source: Neowiz)

Both DSOGaming journalists and regular players agree on platforms like Reddit and Steam that the removal of Denuvo from Lies of P was likely due to an error on the part of publisher Neowiz and developers from the South Korean Round8 Studio, which it owns.

However it came to pass, the game appeared on torrent sites just a few hours after the removal of Denuvo. We will not link to any illegal downloads here, but they are not difficult to locate.

The Lies of P page in Steam still shows a warning about Denuvo in the game (Picture Source: Steam)

Lies of P was released on September 19, 2023, on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as in the Game Pass. The game received a rating of 80 to 85% in the specialist press and has a rating of 92% on Steam, earning it “very positive” reviews.

Less than a month after release, sales of Lies of P have surpassed 1 million copies. An add-on for the game is now in development, with the possibility of a sequel hinted at in the game’s ending (be warned, this could be a spoiler).

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