Vivaldi 6.6 Web Browser Released Featuring Web Panel Extensions, Mandatory Dark Mode, and More.

This week marks the release of the first desktop update of the year for the internet browser, Vivaldi 6.6. The developers have implemented several intriguing enhancements, elaborately discussed on their blog.

Vivaldi Web Panel Enhancement

The Vivaldi web panel, that allows sites to be pinned for quick access to preferred web pages, now supports extensions. Designers can now adapt their extensions for use with the web panels using a dedicated API.

Vivaldi web panel with extensions

Access Permissions Settings for Websites

Most sites request permissions to access different data types, and keeping track can sometimes be difficult. In Vivaldi’s new version, it’s a breeze to view all web page access permissions in the browser settings hence, simplifying their management. Users can set global permissions for all sites or adjust settings for individual web pages.

Access permissions settings for websites on Vivaldi

Forced Dark Theme

Using internet pages at night can be discomforting when they don’t support a dark theme. Vivaldi users can now activate the compulsory application of a dark theme to all visited sites in the browser settings.

Vivaldi with forced dark theme

Improved Built-in Translator

The built-in translator in Vivaldi wasn’t highly sought-after, as it didn’t handle its tasks efficiently. In the new browser version, the developers have upgraded the built-in translator, fully revamping its server-side, boosting its speed, and enhancing its translation quality for some languages.

Vivaldi's improved built-in translator

Advanced Message Search in The Mail Client

The mail client now features advanced message search tools based on multiple criteria. If needed, customized search can be saved as a filter, automatically sorting incoming mails into folders subsequently.

Vivaldi with advanced message search tools

Portable Installation for Vivaldi Browser

The developers continue their work on providing a portable installation for the browser. Presently, the import/export feature has been incorporated for notes and reading lists. Notes now support Markdown formatting, and reading lists accept the Instapaper CSV format, facilitating data transfer between Vivaldi browsers.

Vivaldi's portable installation feature

Final Notes

In addition to these exciting features, the developers have also made a series of adjustments to enhance the application’s efficiency. You can check out the complete list of changes on the support page. Download Vivaldi 6.6 from the company’s official website.

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