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Reviewer’s Findings:

Overall, I found this program to be a much better program than the Inbox e-mail client that comes bundled with PocketPC 2002/2003. There is a customer testimonial on their website that says essentially “I deleted all of Pocket (Microsoft) Inbox mail and deleted it’s shortcut from the system, and am now using solely Mail 2”. After having reviewed this program, I am certainly willing to go to this extreme myself. Here are just some of the reasons I am switching, which are essentially areas where I see the biggest differences between Mail 2 and Inbox:

You have Mail!

I definitely enjoy this added feature: any folder within your multiple profiles will show any messages that are unread in the format of (unread/total). The regular Inbox client will only turn the folder name bold if you had new mail.

Additionally, if the mail in the Inbox client were to be located in a subfolder that is hidden or unexpanded, you would not be able to tell if you have new mail, because Inbox would not automatically expand that folder name. With Mail-2, the folders are automatically expanded, the folder name highlighted in bold, and the message count shown in parenthesis. This makes for far easier reading, and offers a much easier time determining at a glance just how much mail you have waiting to be read.

Connection Settings

I especially liked this little gem of a setting. If you are the type who has multiple network configurations that you have to deal with, this setting can be a true life-saver. The regular “inbox” application is entirely dependant on whatever your current connection type is (“Internet” or “Work”). The problem that exists with that kind of a configuration in “inbox” is that if you go from the “Internet” environment to a “Work” environment, you would have to manually change your network settings. With this choice, MAIL will automatically try one network type first, and if it fails to find the first choice, it will try a second choice!

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