Wireless in the Sky

Vodafone and The Boeing Company, acting through its business unit Connexion by Boeing, announced their intention to jointly trial the delivery of high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity to airline passengers. Vodafone will be the first global mobile telecommunications operator to undergo trials with Connexion by Boeing, aimed at extending Vodafone’s laptop data mobility services in flight.

The trial, due to start this month, will test the Vodafone customer experience with the Connexion by Boeing(SM) real-time, in-flight Internet service, which operates in a similar manner to ground based public Wi-Fi. Following successful completion of trials and Vodafone entering into a full agreement with Connexion by Boeing, Vodafone customers will be able to access the Internet or their corporate VPN, and have sessions billed to their Vodafone account.

“We are excited to work with Vodafone, which is a key global player in Europe and Asia, and to work toward a successful implementation of our services for their customers,” said David Friedman, vice president of Marketing and Direct Sales for Connexion by Boeing. “Following successful trials and Vodafone entering into a commercial agreement with us, Vodafone customers will be able to access the Connexion by Boeing service on equipped commercial flights as we introduce high-speed in-flight connectivity worldwide.”

Access by Vodafone customers to Connexion by Boeing’s in-flight Wi-Fi service is expected to launch first on Lufthansa flights in and out of Europe.

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