You can buy the NVIDIA GH200 Hybrid Accelerator as part of a workstation for $41,500.

NVIDIA GH200 AI Server Solution is Retailing for $41,500

The NVIDIA GH200, a server-grade AI accelerator packed in a single plate, is now available for retail use. Previously designed for server applications, this graphics processing powerhouse is now available in the retail market through GPTshop, as a part of a ready-to-work station that operates on Ubuntu. The exotic device is priced at $41,500 due to its costly components.

Specifications of NVIDIA GH200

The GH200 accelerator brings together a Grace central processing unit (CPU) using the Arm architecture that has 72 cores and supports up to 480 GB of LPDDR5X memory. Additionally, it features an H200 graphics processing unit (GPU) with an 814 mm2 die size, carrying 16,896 CUDA cores for computation acceleration. Potential consumers can choose between an HBM3 memory model or a more recent version with HBM3E, offering a larger volume.

NVIDIA GH200 Accelerator Image

NVIDIA GH200 Work Station Cooling System and Enhancements

Images of the work station show the cooling system to be heavily reliant on Noctua fans packed into every mounting spot available. The system can optionally integrate Bluefield-3 and ConnectX-7 network cards, solid-state drives up to 8 TB, and hard drives up to 30TB. It may also entail a GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card for those requiring robust graphic processing capabilities. However, given the concentration of computational resources on NVIDIA GH200, the station prepared to function with Ubuntu operating system is not deemed suitable for gaming.

NVIDIA GH200 Work Station Image

Assessing the Value of NVIDIA GH200 Work Station

Under specific circumstances, buying this work station for approximately $50,000 may be deemed a smart investment. Considering the predecessor, the NVIDIA H100 accelerator independently cost $40,000, GPTshop clients gain access to a higher-performing ready-to-use system for just a slightly higher cost.

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