Zalman introduces the compact P10 case with panoramic view of the internal components

Zalman, the renowned tech-company, has launched its compact computer case called P10 that offers a panoramic view of its internal components. Designed with front and left-side tempered glass panels without a supporting strut, it gives an unhindered view of the hardware.

Dimensions and Design

The Zalman P10 case measures 216 × 418 × 422 mm and weighs 6.1 kg. The majority of the right side panel is perforated for efficient air intake. This panel also opens to the bottom part of the case designed to accommodate the power supply unit.

Perforated Panel in Zalman's Computer Case

Compatibility and Support

The Zalman P10 is compatible with Micro-ATX motherboards and has five expansion slots. It accepts video cards up to 382 mm long and CPU coolers up to 173 mm high. A supporting bracket is integrated into the design to prevent even hefty video cards from sagging in the PCIe slot.

Zalman's P10 supports large video cards
Zalman's P10 features supporting bracket

Storage and Cooling Systems

The Zalman P10 has ample space to house one 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch drives. For additional cooling, there are slots for installing three 120mm or two 140mm fans on top, two 120mm fans at the bottom, and one 120mm fan at the back. The case also supports the installation of 360 or 280mm radiators on top and a 240mm radiator at the bottom.

Cooling system slots in Zalman's P10

Additional Information

Zalman has yet to announce the price of the P10 computer case. The tech-giant will be offering this novel gadget in both black and white variants.

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