Zalman unveils CNPS14X Duo Black cooler for processors with TDP up to 270W.

Zalman Presents High-performing Air Cooling System

Zalman Company has unveiled a high-performance air cooling system, the CNPS14X Duo Black. This new product is capable of dissipating up to 270 watts of heat from the CPU, according to the manufacturer, an efficiency parallels to an unattended LSS with a 240mm standard radiator.

Weighing 1.16 kg, the new cooling system measures 126 x 135 x 159mm. It requires a six copper heat-conducting pipes, each 6mm in diameter, beneath a heat-distributing sole which incorporates Zalman’s patented RDTH (Reverse Direct Touch Heatpipe) construction.

 Zalman's Cooling System

The RDTH design, unlike direct or indirect contact constructions, fully encloses the heat pipes in a support plate, ensuring full contact with the processor cap. This increases heat exchange efficiency. The radiator at the top is covered with plastic decorative overlays. The cooler is entirely black.

 Closer Look at Zalman's Cooling System

The new air cooling solution is equipped with two Zalman’s proprietary 120mm AF120 fans. The fans work at speeds ranging from 600 to 2000 rpm, deliver an airflow of 69.12 CFM and a static pressure of 2.01 mm H2O. Maximum noise level is recorded at 29.7 dBA. The fans, with hydro dynamic bearings, claim a lifespan of 40,000 hours.

Zalman's Proprietary Fans

 Components of Zalman's New Cooling Model

Zalman’s CNPS14X Duo Black is compatible with Intel’s LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA 115X, and AMD’s Socket AM5, AM4, and AM3. The cooler comes packaged with Zalman’s ZM-STC8 thermal paste that has a thermal conductivity of 8.3 W/(m · K).

The company has yet to announce the cost of the cooler.

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